Nov 23, 2009

About Aoi Miyazaki

Aoi Miyazaki (宮崎あおい)is one of Japan's most valuable actresses today.

Aoi played the lead role in the Taiga drama (NHK's annual year long drama series) "Atsuhime (Princess Atsu)". She was the youngest actor ever to play the lead in this prestigious series, and won the Galaxy award that year.

With Eita

Incidentally, Eita played Ryutaro in another popular drama "NODAME CANTABILE"

Also in "Atsuhime" - Yukiyoshi Ozawa
His last name sound familiar?

This is his dad!

Aoi is also noted for her performance in the movie "Nana"

And in "Virgin Snow" with Lee Jun Ki

This one's for you, gosijo! The cast of LAST FRIENDS^^


gosijo said...

Thanks for the comprehensive retrospective on Aoi Miyazaki's work! Of those, I've only seen Nana. As for Virgin Snow, I believe we have the DVD at home but I haven't yet watched it - maybe our version doesn't have the English subs.

And as for Eita, I've also seen him in Last Friends. Must say I really enjoyed that series.

jaime said...

Hi flowerbossa,

Thanks for introducing Aoi Miyazaki. I saw her Atsuhime posters everywhere last year in Tokyo. Cloudnine had mentioned to me about this long running NHK traditional drama. I am happy that it has English subtitles. I love watching the court life and the beautiful costumes they wear. Thanks and have a nice weekend!

love .... jaime

Hyds said...

Hello Flowerbossa!
Thanks for introducing this young talented lady. Have a great week ahead.

flowerbossa said...

Hi gosijo,

WOW, so you've watched NANA!
Did you like it?
I hear Aoi turned down the offer for the sequel - probably a smart choice^^

I really liked LAST FRIENDS too!
A few of the NODAME cast was in that one. Juri Ueno's performance was pretty amazing.

I added a photo of the cast as a souvenir (o^∀^o)


flowerbossa said...

konnnichiwa Jaime-san,

Atsuhime is one of my favorite of the TAIGA series. The drama has to have substantial appeal to get the audience to watch it for a whole year^^

...have to admit I slowly retired from this year's series^^;

Hope you enjoy watching Atsuhime!


flowerbossa said...

Hello Hyds,

Hope you have a chance to see some of her works.

Good to see your new avatar^^

You have a nice week too.
Keep warmヽ(^-^ )/