Nov 12, 2009


Today, I went to see this movie with a Bae sister and a real kajok^^

It triggered so many things in me that it was overwhelming ...

Thank you Michael ....

and may you rest in peace.


jenny said...

Dear Flowerbossa

Very Happy to hear that u have an enjoyable time seeing this film. I have done a big mistakes last sat where i have book my ticket but only realise that the day is my mum 81st birthday. Therefore i din see it until today.

Hahahaha how forgetful i am. so i think i need to wait for his CD to come out later.

Thanks for sharing flowerbossa and take care of yourself in this cooling season.



flowerbossa said...


I hope you made it in time to celebrate your omoni's birthday^^

It's interesting that many Bae sisters have seen this movie and have been moved by it...

Having lived in the U.S. as a child, I really grew up on his music. I realized this the other day when I saw the film. It was a great experience.