Jul 11, 2006

April Snow "Reunion" DVD

Hello, everyone!

This is a translation from the “April Snow” Event that took place in Saitama Super Arena.
I’ve chosen to translate the talk session in the first half of the event. Please note that it is not a word by word translation. MC (A) stands for Mr. Asaoka, a famous Japanese MC, and MC (K) stands for Ms. Kim Tei (an IMX artist).

From the DVD - Title 2-7)

MC (A): Thank you everyone for waiting. We will now like to invite our guests on stage again. Director Hur….

MC (K): And here is the heroine of “April Snow”, Son Ye Jin.

MC (A): And Bae Yong Joon-san.

MC (A): Now we will like to begin our talk session. Could each of you give a comment to start things off?

Hur: Hello, I am the director of “April Snow.” Thank you for your support. Both BYJ and SYJ have made a great effort to make this a good film, and I hope all of you will be able to feel that when you watch it. I would appreciate your continuous support.

SYJ: Hello, I am SYJ. This is the first time for me to participate in an event like this, so I am very nervous. Have any of you seen this film already?

K: Can you raise your hands.
(Some in the audience raise their hands – note: these are the lucky ones who attended the preview on the 30th)

SYJ: Oh, I am happy that so many have seen it. It will be released next month, and I think it is a film that will not let you down, so I hope you will support it. I hope you will enjoy the 2 hours and half that we will be spending together today. Thank you.

A: Now, BYJ-san

BYJ: (APPLAUSE!!) Hello, I am BYJ. (APPLAUSE!!!)
The warm affection and love you showed me when we were together last year always lingered in my heart. I am happy that I am able to be with so many of you today.
When I went on stage awhile ago, I was so overwhelmed that I almost cried. I think I can work vigorously for another 10 years. Because…… all of you have given me a lot of energy. Thank you so much.

A: How wonderful. Everyone in the audience is looking intensely at the big screen we have in this arena. Now, we would like to hear your comments on this movie.
When did the shooting begin, director?

A: (Dir.Hur looks lost) Oh, perhaps you forgot? (everyone laughs and BYJ comes to the rescue.)

H: Sorry, I have a bad memory. Yes, we began to do some work in the end of January, and really shooting intensively from February.

A: It must have been difficult, since it was in the winter

BYJ: I have done a lot of work during the winter in the past, so the cold does not bother me that much. Rather, it was hard for me when I was placed in an agonizing situation.

A: Oh yes, you must like winter, doing “Winter Sonata” and all.

SYJ, did you experience difficulties like the cold etc.

SYJ: First of all, this film deals with the difficult theme of a love that is deep and full of anguish, and because I never had played a role like this before, I felt some pressure. But the staff, director and my co-players were all wonderful and I had a happy time working with them.

A: Watching the making film of this movie, it seemed that the script did not provide very many lines. Rather, you seemed to be expressing yourselves with your face, body and your whole being.
BYJ-ssi was this difficult for you?

BYJ: Not only was my role difficult, but I had a hard time working with the director.

A: Okay, let’s hear about it!

BYJ: I used to think that it was difficult to bring out the character’s emotions out in the open, but working with the director, I now think that it is more difficult to be convincing by suppressing one’s feelings. Also, because I had to stay in character in my private life during shooting, that was hard, too. But the director was able to bring things out from my own inner self, so I think I was able to act naturally. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Director Hur for letting me discover a new dimension in myself.
(Hur looks happy!)

A: Son-san, you had a lot of difficult acting to do such as that scene when you cry out loudly on the road. That must have been really tough.

SYJ: In that scene, I as an individual felt awful in the situation that Seo Young was facing. I would never want to experience such a thing in my own life, and the thought of it disturbed me so much that I didn’t have to act. I couldn’t help but cry.

A: Director, from what we hear, it seems like these two were actually living the character, rather then acting them out. Is this how it was?

H: Um….(laughs, BYJ laughs, too with a hand over his mouth)
When I saw the film after it came out from the final editing, I felt that here, the actors and the characters have become one. The emotions that are expressed are not acted. Rather, they are emotions of the characters themselves. Feeling the weight of their emotions conveyed in this piece, I felt very happy that I was able to work with BYJ and SYJ: (applause)

A: There are many kinds of scenes in this film. Which is the most memorable for you, BYJ-ssi?

BYJ: In this film, I shot one scene as many as 60 times. So, all of them are quite memorable for me. But, if I had to choose just one (thinks for awhile). I think it would be the outdoor concert scene. On that occasion, not only my fans (family) were there, but my real family as well. My parents, sister, nephew etc. It reminded me of the talent show in my school days. I had to concentrate on my acting, but also think about my family, too you know. But we managed to go through the shooting safely, and it became a time for me that I would never forget.

A: I see. In “Winter Sonata” you played a certain type of character, and in your first movie “Untold Scandal”you played another type of character (laughs). And again in “April Snow” you are portraying a character that is totally the opposite from your previous work. Do you do this intentionally?

BYJ: (laughs). In my private life, I hope to live as a good natured person, as all of you seem to see me. However, as an actor, I want to show myself in all sorts of different ways. As an actor, I am hungry for challenges.

A: SYJ-san, can you share the scenes that were memorable for you?

SYJ: Because the film itself was a sad one, the scenes that left an impression in me are also the painful ones. Like the scene in the beginning when she finds out that her husband has been unfaithful to her. She is in her hotel room, drinking beer alone while listening to music, and starts to bash away on her husband. That was not originally in the script, but I tried it after the director suggested it. But actually when I started saying it, it seemed so natural to me, because I was just as upset as Seo Young was.

A: Although I am using this time to ask about the film, we will later have a section when we will be asking you questions we gathered from your family. But I’ve decided to ask you one question from that list right now. SYJ, you are so young and I doubt that you have much experience dealing with n “unfaithful guys”. But how do you get yourself to bad mouth a man while you are drinking? It must be hard to get the feeling.

SYJ: Yes, I am single, and do not have a lot of experience in that way, so during shooting, people like Director Hur, BYJ and staff were like my teachers and I asked around. So, even thou I don’t know what it is really like, I was able to understand indirectly. Stories I heard from the director and BYJ-ssi were both very informative. (BYJ and Hur try to deny it)

A: Hm, yes that’s very important. BYJ-ssi, the title of this film is “April Snow” in Japan, but the original Korean title is “The Outing”. Could you explain the meaning behind “the outing”?

BYJ: This is what I think the director tried to convey. “The Outing” means “to go out from one’s self”. The Japanese title, “April Snow” implies that although it is rare to have snowfall in April, there is always a possibility. I think the title expresses a love that suddenly appears in such an unexpected way.

A: Director, is that correct, do you have anything to add?

H: The two titles mean what BYJ just said. Concerning these titles, I really had a hard time deciding on which one to use. I think “April Snow” and “The Outing” are two titles that give a completely different impression. However, depending on the perspective of the audience, for some, “The Outing” would be fitting, and for others, “April Snow” will be suitable. What each of you feel will determine the meaning of the movie.

A: “April Snow”… I think this an expressive title. It has the sensual mood that I think as a Japanese, is quite convincing. What do you think?

BYJ: Thank you.

A: Actors and actresses are such a talented group of people who can express all types of characters. I know it’s not the best time for this question, when you are still talking about “April Snow”, but since we don’t know when we can see you next, can you tell us what kind of role you would like to play in your next work?

BYJ: My next work is already decided. But since “April Snow” has not been released yet, and I feel that Insu still remains inside me, the preparations for my next project will begin after the film opens. The next one will be a drama depicting the hero Gwanggaeto the Great of the Goguryeo Period.

A: I see. Perhaps you will be dressed in a court outfit again?

BYJ: No, I will be more of a general, and I will be riding on horses.

A: Horses! So it’s horse riding this time! How about you SYJ-ssi?

SYJ: I have started shooting a new film as soon as “April Snow" was over. It is a character that’s completely different from Seo Young, a love comedy. You may not be able to recognize me if you saw it.

A: Director Hur, we hear that you are notorious for giving actors a hard time. We hope you will make another film in the future that will give these two actors the opportunity to agonize over their roles again.

H: Thank you very much.

A: It’ now time to wrap up this talk session. We will see you again later on. Please give them another round of applause.

(The End)


mrs a said...

wow. Good stuff. Seems like they got along real well in the making of it.
I still need to see this. Sounds fabulous. Thanks for sharing!

flowerbossa said...

Hi Mrs. A,

Thank you for dropping by.

I was not able to join the event last summer (sob sob!) but my mom did, and she keeps going ON AND ON about how magical it was. She still gets teary thinking about it (which goes to show she's really getting old...)

Hope you have the chance to see it!

jaime said...

Thanks flowerbossa for the translation. Now I will print it out and re-watch that part again.

Umm hmm, now may I dare to think that there will be part 2, 3, 4 .... for this translation? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee. Honestly, please do not feel pressured to do this. I'm already overjoyed to watch the event, knowing what he talked about is like a "MAJOR" delicious icing on the cake. Thanks for your nice effort!

flowerbossa said...

Hi, jaime,

So happy to hear that you've enjoyed it. I can't understand the
Korean, and that frustrates me enough!

Yes, I will try to do the other parts (I will probably split with another sister),
but PLEASE be patient!