Jul 13, 2006

From the DVD "April Snow" Reunion - Talk Session in Disc 2

Here is the second talk session in disc 2.
Title 2 – 2
A: Here they are, BYJ-ssi, handsome as ever, and the beautiful SYJ-ssi.
How wonderful they are!

A: Please be seated. (To BYJ) You know, you look good in anything, but do you like black in particular?

BYJ: Thank you. I actually I like all kinds of colors.

A: SYJ, women look exceptionally beautiful in black, and you look just wonderful.

SYJ: Thank you.

A: I asked about the movie “AS” in the previous corner, so now I would like for you to share a bit about your daily life.
For instance, do you have a party after you complete a film? Do you get together and cook karubi and stuff like that?

BYJ: Yes, there are such gatherings, but I am so busy now a days that I rarely have such an opportunity.

A: Oh, I see. And you must be watching your figure, too.
SYJ-san, what kind of food do you like? Do you eat things like samgyetang (a type of Korean chicken soup)?

SYJ: Oh, I like samgyetang. You know samgyetang ? Do you eat it here, too?

A: (to audience) If you are going to eat samgyetang , you must go to Korea and eat the authentic ones with Korean ginseng and pine nuts.

A: Now, let’s get to the questions from the fans. BYJ-san, in “AS”, there is a scene where you sob loudly while you are drinking. Do you yourself cry like that in real life?

BYJ: In the past, I was not one to shed tears, but as I have grown older, I find myself crying more often. I don’t know why.

A: But I’m sure you don’t sob, but you cry quietly with some emotion hidden inside. (BYJ nods to translation).

A: SYJ, you often seem to play roles of girls with frail health. Do your family and friends ask you, “Are you eating right?”

SYJ: Actually, I am very healthy. No matter how busy I am, I always try to eat well. I can get over any kind of difficulty. The people around me are surprised by my stamina.

A: Everybody, please do not worry, she is quite healthy. BYJ-ssi, it has only been a day after you’ve turned 33, (loud applause, YJ stands up to bow) please tell us your resolution, aim etc. for this year.
(voices from the audience: “sarangheyo, I love you! Happy birthday!” YJ nods shyly, bows)

K: Everybody, I am sure you all want to wish YJ-ssi a happy birthday, right? (everyone claps). Alright then, here we go.
(everyone calls out happy birthday in unison. BY listens to them smiling with his eyes closed. Stands up slowly and bows.)

BYJ: Thank very much, everybody. In the future, too, I will like to do my best both in my own life and as an actor. I will try to live up to your expectations.
(the applause goes on….. BYJ looks grateful.)

A: Thank you, everyone. This applause seems to go on forever.
The next question to BYJ. If you were able to take 3 days off, and you were able to use magic, which of the 3 would you like to use it on?
1. Be a completely different person.
2. Become invisible and go wherever you feel like going.
3. Remain yourself.
So, which will it be?

BYJ: (Smiles mischievously) I would like to become invisible.

K: So, where would you like to go?

BYJ: I would like to go places where men usually cannot enter.
And, Japan is known for its spas, and I heard that there are a lot of outdoor spas where you can enjoy great scenery. So, that’s where I want go.

A: I hope you have the chance to go some time. Next, to SYJ. I hear that Korean dramas do their shootings on a busy schedule, and you often end up shooting all through the night. But watching you, you never show signs of fatigue, and I think that’s incredible. What is the secret of your beauty? Do you have any special tips on cosmetics, drinks etc.

SYJ: Thank you very much. I think Japanese women have beautiful skin, too. I use aloe face mask – do you have them in Japan? After I work in the sun, I would grate raw aloe and put it on my face. I think that worked for me.

A: I’m sure the sales of aloe will increase greatly tomorrow.

BYJ, we hear that you enjoy taking photographs. Can you tell us about that?

BYJ: Yes, I started to take photos because I wanted to capture some of the moments that I would not want to forget. But recently, I have been so absorbed in building my character, that I have not been taking too many.
Perhaps, Insu did not like photography.

A: We hear that you have brought your camera with you today.
(camera is handed to BYJ. From the audience, people cry out “take a picture of us!” BYJ, smiles. Stands up. Lights on audience. He goes around taking pictures.)

A: He is so attractive even when he is working with the camera!
(BYJ, finishes and waves to everyone.) Everyone had their best smiles on their faces. I am sure you were energized by having BYJ take your pictures.

Now, we hear that SYJ-ssi has prepared a surprise for us.

SYJ: I will like to read a poem that expresses the image of “April Snow” very well. I hope that this poem will warm your heart.

To Love Forever Means

By Do Jong-Whan
(Translated by flowerbossa)

To love forever means,
To love quietly,
To love forever means,
To love like a part of nature.
To fill by waiting,
Without fleeing from loneliness in haste.
Love, only becomes full after being empty.
To love forever means,
To embrace the morning with a calm heart.

Losing a loved one means,
To have a part of you torn apart,
Like a cry that echoes in the valley,
One longs to wander throughout his life.

But after burying love in the ground,
And turning back,
Sees not a shadow left on this earth,
A sweep of the wind brings one to know,
During our lives, we learn the many pains of love,
Despair, regret, resentment and negative thoughts,
But love, once again, trusts, perseveres, and waits
And again with a heart kept empty,
We must become whole again.

A heart torn by love,
Can only be healed by love,
A loss caused by love,
Can only be found by love,
One who disappears because of love,
Will only come back by love.
But if we do not become empty,
How can we enter into that great love?
If a white beautiful bowl cannot be kept empty,
How can we continue to fill it?

To love forever means,
To wait with a calm heart, even still.

A & K: Thank you very much.

K: I am sure all of you will go home thinking about the meaning of “To love forever”.
BYJ, your expression while you listened to her, was fit for a character in a film. You must like this kind of poem.

BYJ: (His expression is full of emotion) Yes….

A: BYJ-ssi, today you are here with staff and people that supported the film. Can you tell us again what this film “April Snow” means to you?

BYJ: (In Japanese) Ganbarimasu (I will do my best). I experienced many difficulties in the process of making this film. But because of these difficulties, I think that my understanding of acting and life itself has become wider. And I was able to grow. We actors have the chance to grow in our personal lives of course, but we are also able to grow and deepen our understanding towards things, every time we complete a film. In that sense, “April Snow” is a very important film for me.

A SYJ-ssi, what is the meaning this film has for you?
(she is overcome with emotion and gets teary)

K: The applause shows the support from the audience.
(SYJ cannot speak.)

A: It is alright. If it is difficult, don’t push yourself.

SYJ: Thank you very much. (through tears) This has become a film that I shall never forget. It is a work that has great meaning for me as an actress, and at the same time, I as SYJ, was able to learn many things. I thank God for giving me life on this earth, and for the immense love that I am receiving from others. I am also grateful for the people who supported this film. To the staff of IMX, I thank them for this wonderful event; to the staff of my agency, Director Hur and BYJ-nim… thank you for efforts.
Thank you very much, everyone. (bows)

(BYJ is listening, smiling.)

A: Thank you very much.
We will like to see these two off now. Thank you very much.
It is time for us to say good bye.

(BYJ is still sitting, and looks at Kim Tei like he doesn’t know what to do. The audience is calling out to him. BYJ is getting very emotional, teary, takes a big sigh and pulls the front of his jacket.)

K: I am sure everyone here including BYJ-ssi and SYJ-ssi wishes that we could make this moment last forever. We will like to have both of them keep the love and applause from all of you in their hearts as they leave the stage.

(BYJ sighs again, looks around the audience, nods knowing that he must leave, and finally stands up.)

A & K: Thank you very much.
(The two of them are bowing. The cry from the audience gets louder as they walk away,
BYJ and SYJ stop, handkerchief in hand. BYJ waves and finally exits.

K: BYJ and SYJ both left so reluctantly.
I am sure they wanted to go on staying here with you

(The poor MCs apologize for not being able to meet the audience wishes.
They try to move on to the next performance, when BYJ comes out again.)

A: Yon-sama, you are so wonderful. (A teary SYJ-ssi comes out)
And SYJ-ssi, too. Thank you

(BYJ looks longingly at audience.
They just stand there not knowing how to leave.
Finally nods and leaves slowly, looks back again, exits.)

(after applause)

A: It looks like we will be able to call them back again after the next section. Thank you.


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