Jul 23, 2006

"Gosireh" Press Conference

The Opening of "Gosireh" Press Conference

On July 23, a press conference was held at the
traditional Korean cuisine restaurant "Gosireh".

A ceremony called "kosa" was also held on the occasion,
with the attendance of Bae Yong Joon-san.


mrs a said...

oh, isn't the KING of our Hearts handsome! Thanks for sharing! I wish him much success.

flowerbossa said...

mrs a,

Dashing ~ isn't he?!!!

Another pretty picture for your

bb said...

thank you, flowerbossa!
you're so quick!

and ya, he's so so so handsome! abit 'proper' looking tho, i kindda prefer him abit more casual :p

flowerbossa said...


Proper indeed!
Would put a lot of REAL princes to shame!

Actually, I like this clean-cut look, though I have nothing against the casual look either!

jaime said...

Oh yes flowerbossa, that's it, a handsome and noble prince! See, I've been so stunned by his beauty again that I can't even think straight! He's always been a noble prince! He actually hasn't dressed like that for a while. Last time I remember was the AS promotion, was it? One question, how come he wore his shoes during the ceremony? I thought they usually take them off on the mat?

Thanks for your quick update on his Japan trip!

flowerbossa said...

Hi jaime,

Yes, I love it when he dresses like that! So handsome!

BUT, I and a lot of Japanese sisters agree with you - what's with the shoes? May be we will find out later.

bb said...

maybe becoz it's a proper restaurant and everyone wears shoes in? or hee, maybe it's just for the simple reason that he'll look funny all dressed up, but shoe-less :p