Jul 25, 2006

From Kim Tei-ssi’Report on Gosireh

(Kim Tei-ssi was the MC for the "Gosireh" Opening Press Conference.)

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Yong Joon-san seemed a bit thinner perhaps due to the preparations for the new drama, but he was very handsome as always!

Although the exterior still needs some work, the interior is absolutely magnificent! It is like a first class hotel, very stylish. The walls and ceilings have beautiful Korean patterns on them.

Dinner was served after the press conference – the food tasted refined and brought out the best in the ingredients. As for the table ware, the curves gave a very warm feeling giving us a faint reminder of the beauty of the past.

I heard that the art director of “Untold Scandal” Chung Gu Ho designed everything from the interior of the restaurant to the furnishings, tableware, and even the uniforms.

The costume I wore today was the uniform for Gosireh.

I think one can spend a moment of beauty in this restaurant.

(For more pictures, go to http://www.alc.co.jp/korea/culture/tei/index.html)


jaime said...

Hi flowerbossa,

Thanks for posting this report from Kim Tei. It's nice to know more about this beautiful restaurant.

Also, thank you for tirelessly translating about Yong Joon's trip and press conference in the last few days. Really appreciate it.

flowerbossa said...


Hi! I'm sure the restaurant will be really beautiful, in and out - we know how meticulous wuri prince is!

AND, it's been my pleasure translating. It's always fun to share news on HIIIIIIMMMMM!!

mrs a said...

It looks absolutely wonderful. I love the colors too of the outfits. And the food looked really appetizing. I know it will be a success for him. Something this nice always works - a touch of class is always the main ingredient in a successful venture.

Thanks flowerbossa for the infor and getting the pics to us.

flowerbossa said...

mrs a,

You can leave it to our king-to-be when it comes to class! It's in his blood! I hear that the telephone receptionists dealing with the reservations are very nice,too!

It will surely be a great success.

bb said...

me wondering if mariko has managed to get through to the restaurant by now :p

thanks flowerbossa :)

flowerbossa said...

I can tell you that much.

But I'm sure it's worth it.

Try to get here soon!