Jul 29, 2006

At Brokore Land....

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The hand print of the "king" will be exhibited from Aug.1

.... and don't miss this!
(pic courtesy of tomato! Thanks tomato!)

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bb said...

can someone explain to me why that torso picture do such strange things to my heartbeat???

why why why?

it's worse than seeing a real picture of him! i think i've a really really really knotty mind :p

thanks tomato, & thanks flowerbossa!

liezle said...

whoa! chiseled to perfection! beautiful! ^^ thanks tomato and flowerbossa.

hmm...wondering, why did they make the color like that? ^^ *liezle a little embarass*

bb said...

what do you mean by the colour comment huh? too dark, you mean?

liezle said...

yup too dark bb. is this a replica of "the image" body of yong joon? otherwise, my computer's monitor is not performing well again. ^^

jaime said...

Hi flowerbossa,

Thanks for the display. Did it mention that this is a replica of his real body? THis looks muscular and sexy!Did you actually visit Brokoreland? Is there a website on it that we can see what it's like?

flowerbossa said...

First of all, what are you doing up at this hour, bb & liezle?
Didn't your mommies tell you that it's bad for your skin?

Anyway, yes this is "the image" and NO I don't know why they decided to make him this color.

I'm already having second thoughts about posting this if it's going to keep you girls up all night...

flowerbossa said...

jaime, there is a short VOD on Brokore Land at Broasia


I'm a naughty family.
I live in Yokohama which is where BL is, and I still haven't been there. Gotta go soon before it closes!

Pallet of course went already, and was on the verge of taking the torso home.....

jaime said...

Thanks flowerbossa, so Brokoreland is a temporary project. From the website, it looks like an exhibition venue, theater, shops and cafe B all combined in one. It opens until end of October? Why? I don't mean to be nosy but just curious if there is something going on in Yokohama that triggered the set up of Brokoreland?

From what I understand, is Yokohama close to Tokyo? I remember when I worked in Tokyo many years ago, some friends offered to drive me there for a day of sightseeing.

I'm glad Pallet decided to leave the torso behind at the last minute so other sisters can admire and drool over it.

flowerbossa said...

jaime, jaime,

You WORKED in Tokyo?!
When was this?
Hope you can come back again!

Yokohama is very closer to Tokyo.
Actually, I live on the edge of Yokohama very close to the suburban part of Tokyo.

I understand BL is very much like cafe-B. I don't know why they decided to set it up in Yokohama -
maybe Sohn-san has ties with Landmark Plaza (the bldg it's located). Incidentally, that's where they had the fan meeting screening last year. Park Yong Ha also had a concert there, too.

Michelle said...

Maybe it's that color because subconsciously, they're thinking what I'm thinking:

If they sold that made out of chocolate, I'd eat it.

And honey, I wouldn't bite it once.

bb said...

so is it life sized??

flowerbossa said...


Chocolate....now that's an idea.

bb, I'll go check it out soon and let you know.

jaime said...

Hi flowerbossa,

Yeah, I was on a special assignment to Tokyo for a few months before I am married. I love the culture, lifestyle, food and most of all people over there. My Japanese colleagues were very hospitable and took me to a hot spring resort in a quiet small town. It was a relaxing and memorable experience and I understand why Yonsama mentioned he wanted to go to the hot springs in Japan.

I haven't been back to Japan for a long time but it will be in my plan soon (and Korea too!). I have Japanese relatives (in fact, my family is like United Nations!) and friends, now I even have Japanese sisters like you from the BYJ world! I feel truly blessed.

bb said...

oops... sorry, didn't mean to impose on your time... just thot you might already know :p

it's okay, flowerbossa, not important... am just curious :)

Toujours_BYJ said...

wow, what a torso, thanks flowerbossa for posting it.

bb, you're not the one, ditto here.

Michelle also gave me a naughty thought, now I'm dreaming of this torso made with chovolate !

flowerbossa said...

Jaime, looking forward to your visit!

Camille, a great way to start the week, huh? Dreaming of "chocolate".

AND, bb, sure it's important.
Pallet says it's definitely life-size - and it's even better from the back....

bb said...

omo omo!


i didn't think about the back at all! was too busy oogling at the front. but now that you've mentioned it, yea, the back should be mighty alluring too! i don't suppose tomato or you have some pics of the back stashed somewhere huh?

p.s. pallet's so funny! love her already :)

tiffany said...

I reallt have so much news to catch up being away for more than a week. So this is the torso that bb was talking about. Hmmm....

Why does it end there?

Sigh... I want to bring it home too....

flowerbossa said...

Welcome back tiffany!

Hope you had a relaxing vacation.

So, I guess this 'torso' is the talk of the town. Looks like he will have to go take a tour around the world!

HeippieH said...

Hi flowrebossa, this is insane. i don't believe my eyes. hmmmmmm.... it is too seductive i must say ... did he actually do it? i mean did he actually get someone to measure him and look at him and draw him up and sculpture it? what are the words on the labels? anyone can see it? wonder who will be the mighty one who can get it once it is auctioned. or, will it stay in a museum? we demand a 360 degree view of this torso ... :-)

flowerbossa said...

Easy there, heippieh!

Apparently, this torso was exhibited at "The Image" exhibit they had in Tokyo. It's strange I never heard about it before.

360 degress may be somewhat difficult with the darn window in back of it, but will try to
get atleast another shot of it when I can! (and don't hold your breath, ok?)

bb said...

funny... if they had exhibited it back then, how come no one's said anything about it before huh?

a case of 'too hot to handle'? mmm... really strange...