Nov 4, 2006

Actress Moon Sori

I am sure most of you are familiar with the fact that Ms. Moon Sori is a well respected actress in Korea.

Last week when I went to see "Family Ties" at TIFF, there was a Q&A session after the screening where the audience was able to ask questions to Director Kim Tae-yong directly. There, he shared some stories about his leading lady Moon Sori:

Moon Sori-ssi is a very intelligent and diligent actress. She is the type that likes to prepare thoroughly for her roles, rather than act spontaneously on the set (sound familiar? ^^).

Off the set, she is a lady who holds her drinks quite well.

We often drank together, and she would end up saying, "you know, I haven't had a boyfriend for some time now... if I meet someone nice, I just may quit acting altogether!"

And about Bae Yong Joon-ssi:

"Since I am working with BYJ right now, do you think I would have a chance to be a Hanryu star?"

Now, what do YOU make of these comments?

I personally think she is one modest actress.

And, just suppose......

If Moon Sori-ssi finds wuri YJ attractive, then what?


jaime said...

What an interesting hypothesis, flowerbossa. I guess we can't resist looking at every woman who crosses wuri Yong Joon's path without that 'is she the one?' thought, eh?

I am sure she finds him immensely attractive, and who doesn't? Since they are both serious actors, they probably have a lot in common as per their values and viewpoints. A hard-working man with so much aspirations in life is simply irresistable.

The question is : what does Yong Joon wants in his life? What quality in a woman does he want at this moment? It seems like he changes as his life experience grows every year - from an independent woman before to a good wife and mother type now. (haha, maybe someday, he doesn't even mind an older woman?? dreaming....)

Anyway, I still believe marriage is fate. That special someone is already out there living her own life now. One day when their paths cross, all the requirements/criteria will be thrown out the window and he'll fall head over heels over that woman! Being an intelligent man like him, he'll know right away that 'she's the one'!

flowerbossa said...


I totally agree with you on the "fate theory". (Although, I can't resist the idea of him going through the "older woman" phase - it better come soon!)

Moon Sori has to be pretty eccentric to NOT find wuri YJ charming, but we all agreed at the Q&A session that it would be a pity to lose a good actress like her. Sorry Ms. Moon, perhaps that is YOUR fate!

bb said...

hehe, i wish there really is a 'fate theory'.... for wuri yong joon's sake, and hee, for my sake too :p

yea, moon's a good actress no doubt... but i was abit surprised to learn that she's the sort to prepare thoroughly for her roles and is less spontaneous as an actress. i've watched a couple of her films (no, not family ties yet), and i've always thought she's the natural born actress type, and therefore had thought she's the sort who would thrive on improvisation and on-the-spot delivery.

haha, i can't be more wrong :p

p.s. don't scold me... i kindda can't quite see the two together leh :)

flowerbossa said...

BB, okay, to be perfectly honest I can't picture Moon Sori going grocery shopping with wuri YJ either....

She seems like a wonderful woman, though. She was lately invited to a Korean Film Festival in Kyoto where they screened a few of her films. She participated in the symposium (I hear she offered to go without compensation. A sister who attended said she was tall,slim and beautiful- her white hands stood out in particular. Moon Sori claimed she was very shy as a little girl, and didn't dream of becoming an actress!