Nov 3, 2006

Look who's bloggin'!

Wuri President Sohn has started his own blog at the renewed Brokore site.
(The site now has a new section where members can start their own blogs.)

He wrote that his staff at IMX used to suggest he should blog, but no one has mentioned it since the site reopened..... though disheartened, he decided to start one any way.

170 people have left comments to his first posting!


Anonymous said...


Good morning!

One thing I'd like about him is that he tries to communicate with families.

Japan families must be happy since the Brokore site opended again. Is Satovic's site still down?


flowerbossa said...

Hi, suehan,

Acually MY pc has been down for the past few days, and I am really happy to be able to talk with you again!

Unfortunately, the "community" section is still under maintenance.

If you like, I can help you post a message to Sohn-ssi on his blog. He may be happy to receive a message in Hangul! (you can translate it for me, and I will give the Japanese trans.)

BTW, Director Handou asked me to tell you that he is very grateful for your support on the film. He said Lee Soo Hyun's parents were very happy to see your translation.

marissa said...

I'm happy to read about Pres. Sohn starting his own blog. I'm sure our japanese family will enjoy communicating with him.

I hope you won't mind sharing some of his more interesting entries here in your blog for us to read.

Have a nice day!

jaime said...

Hi flowerbossa,

it's amazing to know even President Sohn has time to blog. You think this is his hobby or he wants to communicate wuri Yong Joon's news to us. Yes, like marissa requested, please let us know if there is anything interesting. Hope this will not add too much to your workload. Thanks!

BTW, have you seen Camille's latest post? The first mv shows Canadian fall colour. It's really pretty. Does that remind you of New Jersey?

Anonymous said...

I'll let you know later on when I have a message or question for Mr. Sohn; please help me contact him when I need to ask him something. Like Marissa said, I hope you can translate some of his interesting postings for us.

And I'm very pleased to hear that LSH's parents were happy after they saw my translation. I hope I didn't make any mistakes. Please send my regards to Dir. Handou.

Have a nice day!


bb said...

hey, flowerbossa, thanks for telling us this. think it's great that mr sohn's blogging.

flowerbossa said...

Hi marissa,

I will try to share Sohn-nim's messages when I can.

Today he mentioned that although it is a national holiday today in Japan (Culture Day), he is going on a business trip.

Although plane rides make him tired, he still enjoys the change of environment.

Jaime, I will check out Camille's blog later on, thank you!

Suehan, let me know when you want to post a comment.

BB, Pres. Sohn said it's been quite a while since he's written a diary, but he will give it a try.
Good for him!

liezle said...

hello flowerbossa. thanks for sharing with us about the news on pres sohn starting to blog. i like the way he communicates with fans and give news about our man. like everyone else, i hope that you can share with us interesting posts of mr. sohn.

take care and have a great weekend.



yokee said...

congrats mr sohn. ! ^^

he's always such a nice person.
like suehan unni said..i like the fact that he tries to communicate with the family.

thanks for the news flowerbossa and pls do send my regards to mr sohn.

flowerbossa said...

Hi yokee,

I'm sure he would appreciate your support^^

flowerbossa said...

Good evening Liezle!

Looks like you had a wonderful time in Korea!
I envy you - my only physical contact with Korea was at Kimpo Airport LOOOONG time ago when I made a transit for Paris (you can tell I was trying to travel cheap!)

Thanks for dropping by^^