Nov 7, 2006

A Christmas present from wuri prince ...

A compilation album of classical music selected by BYJ.
With essays written by wuri prince himself!
AND photos by Leslie Kee


bb said...

the release date's so late! if only it's earlier, then we can buy it as a xmas prezzie!

thanks flowerbossa!

bb said...

oops... forgot to say, i want i want i want! where can i buy this huh?

jaime said...

Oh my God! Where can we buy this, FLOWERBOSSA???!!! (Jaime's shouting and screaming and it's extremely unlady like)

Like bb said, I WANT I WANT I WANT!

Can it be ordered online? or in the store? How about for overseas fans? Did he really pick the music himself? Did he really write the essays?? Are these new essays or a compilation of his old ones??? OMG, these pictures are gorgeous!

Please answer answer, flowerbossa!
(hey, it ryhmes)

yokee said...

wow~ he's having so much surprises nowadays~

i also 'I WANT I WANT I WANT' but how much is it?

liezle said...

oh dear, i want to have this. please please tell us how. it's a must have.

i must include this is my wish list.

thanks flowerbossa for sharing the information.


flowerbossa said...

Hi girls!

I hope you saw the contents of the CD in my latest posting.

Let's hope Broasia will sell this soon!