Nov 13, 2006

Stories Leslie Kee Shared at the Exhibit

A member of a Japanese fan site B.S.J (Satovic’s site) went to the Super Stars Exhibit held in Tokyo on the opening day , and had the good luck of seeing Mr. Leslie Kee there. The photographer generously shared his stories and views on B.Y.J. (because there were many people surrounding the photographer at the time, please be informed that there may be minor discrepancies in this report)

☆ I (Leslie Kee) met Yong Joon and President Sohn of IMX at Gosireh before its official opening. Now that we were facing this situation (about the Tsunami? Or perhaps YJ’s popularity?), I, as a Singaporean and the two of them as Koreans agreed on doing something together for the sake of Asia here in Japan.

☆ In front of his camera, Yong Joon seemed more like a creator/ artist than an actor.

☆ He possessed an aura resembling that of god.

☆ Yong Joon himself chose the two photos to be shown at the exhibit among the 270 (?) which were taken.

☆ He looked at the photographs of the other 300 participants before he chose his own.

☆ I was very happy that he chose photos which were totally different from the other ones. (I would have been at loss if he had chosen something similar to the front page of “CREA” magazine.)

☆ He seemed to possess a sure eye on photography that was up with the professionals.

☆ Among the words for the caption (English words that could be understood by elementary school children) he chose the word “Family”. (I recommended “Royal”, but he chose “Family”)

☆ He voluntarily posed for the photos in a natural way. He liked the photo in which he laid down on the sofa. I gave him one in the same size as a gift, and Yong Joon said he had it up on his wall at home. He never thought about doing such a thing in the past. 

☆ He was not smoking.

☆ Compared to the other people, he only brought a few costumes to the photo session.

(I thought I heard him say, that he was invited to hold an exhibit in Seoul).

Thank you dorasuki-san for your report!


bb said...

hehe, have just replied to your posting on KOB. guess i'll just repost my comment here :)

this is great! thanks flowerbossa!

i esp love the part where leslie talked about how wuri yong joon
chose the word 'family' over 'royal'.
in all honesty, 'royal' would have been inappropriate
to drive home the point to promote Asia Is One,
and also the point that we should care for our family in times of crisis,
and family can mean more than just our immediate family,
as wuri yong joon has shown us :)

thanks so much!

wanna thank dorasuki-san for sharing this too.

liezle said...

since reading suehan's reply to you i've been curious about dorasuki-san's report. so this is the it. i loooooooove it! thanks thanks again flowerbossa.

"family" that is us, yong joon, his loved ones, friends and everyone. we are one.

Jeng(2x) said...

ありがとう flowerbossa for sharing!
me and my mom are also planning to go there but i dont know when ^^;
I have my CREA magazine!!!(*^O^)

yokee said...

i'll do the same..repost my comment here..

absolutely wonderful !
i love tis → "☆ He liked the photo in which he laid down on the sofa."
cos that one of my 2 fav ! hehehe...

thank u again flowerbossa and pls extend my regards to dorasuki-san...arigato gozaimasu ^^

jaime said...

Thanks flowerbossa for this wonderful translation.

All these details about Yong Joon make this photo album even more precious. I hope this exhibition will be successful in raising more funds for the tsuinami victims.

Thanks also to dorasuki-san for your report.

tomato99 said...

thanks for sharing flowerbossa,

it's so nice to know that BYJ made the selection of words and photos.
i am looking forward to visiting!!

i have not been able to catch specific dates but the photo exhibit is to take place in HongKong from Nov.24(?), and Taiwan sometime next year.


bb said...

no singapore, tomato??

i'll be surprised... coz leslie's from here :p

riesha said...

Thanx so much flowerbossa 4 the posting.....
I'll be smiling in my sleep tonite to know that my fave lying on sofa pic is YJ's fave too...wish I could have one to hang in my room too..

flowerbossa said...

Hi everyone, thanks for reading this translation - so glad dorasuki-san introduced it to us.

Incidentally, she is the one who wrote to AERA magazine, requesting them to report on how "April Snow" is doing in France!
Isn't it great?!

tomato, thanks for the input on the exhibit.

BB, you should write to Leslie to have it in Singapore, too ♪

my my, glad you got your copy of CREA ^^

Welcome to my blog riesha!

YES, someone give me that photo for Christmas, please ~~~~~~~~♪