Nov 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

I would like to share a beautiful piece of writing by our American sister baosang. She had posted this piece on KOB, and as I was very moved, I asked for her permission to keep it on my blog.
Thank you baosang for sharing♪

Happy Thanksgiving Day
to all my American friends!

(Incidentally, today is Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan.)

On the day of Thanksgiving,
I thank God for creating our dearest YJ,
I also thank God for letting YJ becoming an actor, and
Most importantly, I thank God for guiding YJ chose those unforgettable roles to play who inspire me and encourage me to live my own life.

Through Love Greeting, I relived my bitter and sweet college years.

Through First Love, I learned a loving family is the strongest support who can have in the world, and
Family love is always unconditional and always countable, no matter who one has become or what one has done.

Through PaPa, I confirmed again that communication is crucial in a relationship and jealous can be a lethal weapon to love, and
I also learned no matter what the parents think, children always want a family with two parents together.

Through Barefooted Youth, I learned how strong the bond among blood family members can be and one can give up his/her life long dreams for it.

Through Hotelier, I related some of my memorable colleagues to Frank and I even saw myself in Jin Young.

Through Winter Sonata, I recollected many of my firsts and enjoyed the love journey with Jun-sang/Min-hyung and Yu-Jin, although it was quite a bumpy ride.

Last but not least, through Have We Really Loved and my beloved Jae-Ho, I saw the real life played on the screen.

Although my personal experience was nothing close to it, I can't help thinking what if my parents were like Shin-Hyung's parents and what if I could love the one persistently like Shin-Hyung did, would my life turn out differently?

I believe that this is a drama that everyone should be able to relate to either through their own life experience or through other's who they live with.

Even some don't like the ending that Jae-Ho left us forever, I think his death glorifies his life and makes us love him more.

After watching Have We Really Loved, I started to write again in my native language other than letters to families and friends.

I wrote my childhood when I first knew what hardship was
I wrote my friend who we lost to cancer
I wrote my family gatherings which I miss so much
I wrote my unforgettable encounter with the rough sea which taught me to appreciate the beauty of the nature
I wrote my young child's life stories which amazed me and inspired me

Everything I wrote maybe insignificant to the others, but they mean a lot to me and were part of my life.

Have We Really Loved taught me that everything or everyone worth writing if they had touched one's life, regardless of its meaningfulness or ones status.

Just as if nobody wrote the story about Jae-Ho and YJ didn't play Jae-Ho, who would have known that there is a beautiful person like Jae-Ho who has so little can move us so deeply?

On the day of Thanksgiving,
I thank YJ for bringing Jae-Ho to life,
I also thank YJ for letting me know so many talented Bae sisters all over the world, and
Most importantly, I thank YJ for treating us as family.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the Bae family members who celebrate this holiday!

Thank you all for sharing your love to YJ with me!

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baosang said...

Dear flowerbossa,

Thank you for sharing my writing on your blog.

You and your mom are among those Bae sisters I referred to in my writings.

You are my inspiration too. I think other than a fan of YJ, I am also a fan of Bae sisters.


flowerbossa said...

Hello baosang,

Thank you for dropping by at my blog - and my I am flattered by your words!

I am so thankful to Yong Joon for bringing all of us together. Meeting wonderful sisters like you has truly been a blessing that I never imagined!
I was especially excited to know that you are from New Jersey, somewhere that still has an important place in my heart.

I wish I could read your Chinese writings - I envy my sister-in-law who lived in Hong Kong for a while and learned the language by taking lessons.

Hope to talk to you again soon!



baosang said...

Hi flowerbossa,

Thank you for your kind words. I wish I could do better as a Bae sister.

During Thanksgiving Day weekend, I met with some of my college friends and some of them were still confused by where my hometown is. I told them I considered New Jersey as my hometown because this is the place I've lived continuously for the longest time.

My English is not sufficient enough to express myself even after living in the States for more than 10 years. I'll try to write more in English and maybe translate some of my Chinese writings in the future.

Nice to talk to you.


flowerbossa said...

Hi Baosang,

Did you go to college in the States? It's nice that you consider New Jersey your home now^^

Looking forward to reading your writings in the future♪