Nov 7, 2006

And another...

The Making of Super Stars
by Leslie Kee

Price: 3500 yen

Available at Brokore, and Seven Eleven Stores

(10 % of proceeds will be donated to World Vision)


bb said...

what? another thing to buy? :(

Anonymous said...

seven elevenですか!?!?
ok then i need to go now bye *mymy rushing to 7 11 -----oops, forgot to say, thank u!

flowerbossa said...

Yes bb,

This man is really out to get me bankrupt... and I'm enjoying it...


oops! I'm so sorry, I forgot to mention the relase date is Nov.11
- the day the exhibit "Super Stars" is due to start.

I hope I didn't send you rushing to 7-11. But DO go on the 11th!
(not all branches will have it, so you may have to do some walking♪)

bb said...

i'm in abit of a bind actually... i'm wondering if i should get the hero CD just for the pics...

can't say i fancy everything he's selected, then again, it'll be real nice to be listening to the exact same thing he's listening to, ya? sighs...

and if i do decide to get the CD, which one? or both?

sighs... you're right, he's out to make me broke. as things are, i've already spent so much on my korea trips. but at least i can console myself and say i deserve a couple of holidays a year... and so, why not go to korea? :p

p.s. i used to think that the Image was probably gonna be the most expensive thing i'd ever buy, in terms of star merchandise. but look at how expensive most items are these days :(

Anonymous said...

hehe... actually flowerbossa i really rush to to the 7 11 ^^;
i asked the 7 11 personal about the making of super stars and yes, they told me i can have it on Nov. 11. :-D
thay told me many are making reservations and they dont know yet how many copys will they have i begged them to save one for me :-p
thanks 4 the info!

did you buy the crea magazine?
here in saitama it is already out of stock :(
how about there in yokohama?

flowerbossa said...


I think you are a very sensible girl to think twice about getting these CDs.

For one, these selections can only contain excerpts from the original works. (Something I usually don't prefer)

I am trying to get info from IMX on the titles of the works, but they haven't responded yet...

I have to confess I for one have already ordered the full set not only because like you I would love to listen to the same thing he is listening to, but my work is related to this field, and I'm interested in how they have compiled this product.

Like the Saitama DVDs, I am sure you can get them after they are released.

flowerbossa said...

Hi mymy,

There are out of stock in Saitama?

A fan wrote on JOB who apparently works for a bookstore that the stores definitely try to stock more copies than usual when they know that the issue covers a popular topic. So perhaps the larger stores would have them.

I got mine in a small local bookstore. I don't know how things stand as of today.