Nov 3, 2006

Autumnal colors near Mt. Fuji

Photos taken by pallet at Lake Yamanaka.


yokee said... pallet an artist by profession. she's always so good.

oh~ i miss the autumn colors in korea...

flowerbossa said...


Lucky you!
You've been to Korea during this beautiful season?!

BTW, is your brother back from Japan yet?
I hope he had a pleasant stay here^^

Anonymous said...

hi flowerbossa!
actually i can see a tinywinny 富士山 from our terrace when there are no clouds. :-)
wow, palet is so good!
thanks for sharing!

liezle said...

love the colors of autumn. seeing these photos made me miss korea so much just like yokee. =(

thanks flowerbossa for sharing pallet's photos.

jaime said...

the fall colour is so beautiful, flowerbossa. Is that Mt.Fuji in the first picture?

I don't remember if I have seen Mt. Fuji or not? Last time when I was in Tokyo, we took the Shinkansan to Kyoto, there is a snow-capped mountain which looks like Mt. Fuji. Is Mt. Fuji on the route between Tokyo and Kyoto? or did I see some other ones? Please enlighten me.

Thanks Pallet for sharing her wonderful pictures.

flowerbossa said...

Hi mymy,
You are lucky to be able to see it from your own home! It always makes me feel good to be able to see a glimpse of it.

Korea must be really beautiful at this time of year. Pallet went there last October, too!

This IS a lake on the base of Mt. Fuji, but the mountain you see in
the back is not Fuji-san.
Mt. Fuji is on the other side, but pallet was not able to take a picture
of it because it was covered with clouds. She hopes to share one with all of
you when she is able to take a decent one!

I'm pretty sure the mountain you saw on the shinkansen was Fuji-san. There is nothing quite like it - it's a majestic view.

You have to come back to confirm it!

bb said...

hehe, strange that flowerbossa's posting about autumn in tokyo sets some of us thinking about autumn in korea :p

yokee, i've visited korea twice in autumn, even went to naejangsan to see maple leaves. wonderful!

and thanks for sharing, pallet & flowerbossa :)

flowerbossa said...

bb hi,

pallet shared those photos after she saw the autumnal scenes in Camille's blog.

It never occurred to us that it would make many of you think of autumn in Korea!

Then I realized that people like you, yokee and liezle normally do not experience that atmosphere in your own country.

It must have been very pretty there♪